Forest Depths

pencil, 8.5" x 12.75"
Forest Depths *sold

The tilt of time, Deep Time. The Drowned Lands where mysteries once abounded are now the place where fish in silent passage drift by.
At the end of the last Ice Age the glaciers collapsed in three stages, separated by about 3,000 years each, the attendant catastrophic flooding and tectonic surges ending approximately 11,000 BC. The cities, villages, temples and farms that spread around the world are gone. The people are gone, along with all their stories. Stories that became myths among the surviving highland people who saw the floods sweep across those long-gone plains and fields. And over time, even the myths have been largely forgotten. All that is left are the dreams that lend an odd familiarity to things no longer there, things that now only dwell in our collective subconscious.